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Born on the craggy, sun-bleached granite of northern Sardinia, Emanuele Ragnedda’s ‘Shar’ more than refl ects the raw beauty of this Mediterranean island through the mirror of Vermentino.

This rare, small-batch white, named after a warrior clan that worshiped the sun and sea, shines a brighter light on the flavorful potency of wines from this ancient land.

A Sardinian native, Emanuele says he crafts his wines with “courage, enthusiasm and luck.”


The ConcaEntosa estate contains a large parcel of land on the northern tip of Sardinia, some 170 acres, of which 30 are dedicated to Vermentino vines, not far from the village of Palau. Here in the north winds are strong and the sun even more so; soils are mostly granite.

In this region, “giant’s tombs” are striking symbols of the mystery of much of Sardinian paleolithic culture. The outline of these stone structures are represented in simple, elegant lines on ConcaEntosa labels.

Winemaker Emanuele Ragnedda works with enologist Piero Cella, one of Sardinia’s top talents, to make ConcaEntosa wines. Harvests are performed by hand and vinification is as simple as possible. Grapes are pressed and fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. Most wines are also aged in tank.

Isola dei Nuraghi Bianco 'Orahona'

‘Orahona’ is sunny simplicity and seaside decadence at the same time; a pure Vermentino that invites you for a dip into an azure Mediterranean cove, as lunch waits on a shady terrace on a sandy shore. So much aroma, so much silky fruit.


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Isola dei Nuraghi Bianco 'Shar'

‘Shar’ is the heart of this centuries-old family estate, a 100% Vermentino drawn from a single vineyard in the north of Sardinia near the village of Palau. Named after an ancient Sardinian warrior clan that worshiped the sun and sea, ‘Shar’ combines both intensity and delicacy, cool white and yellow fruit with wild herbs and broom growing on granite hillsides. 

“The result is a kind of maritime breeze that takes you right to the azure waters of La Maddalena, snorkeling above the many shipwrecks near the historic naval base.” — Monica Larner on the 2017 ‘Shar’


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Isola dei Nuraghi Bianco 'Disco Volante'

A very limited wine from this stellar northern Sardinian estate, ‘Disco Volante’ takes you to the heavens and back again, with Mediterranean herbs and spring blossoms and sea salt, creamery butter and fresh almonds and Sicilian lemon. LIMITED


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Established: 2017
Winemaker: Emanuele Ragnedda
Region: Italy • Sardinia • Pulao
Vineyard size: 30 acres


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